Olshan maintains an all inclusive builder/contractor inventory. When you can't find it elsewhere, you'll probably find it at Olshan!

Olshan maintains an all inclusive builder/contractor inventory. When you can’t find it elsewhere, you’ll probably find it at Olshan!

Quality Lumber and Building Materials

At Olshan, you can expect clean, quality lumber and building material on every purchase! We store our inventory in storage sheds and warehouses for maximum protection at all times!

Mill Services

Save time and money with Olshan mill services! Olshan professionals are quality craftsmen! Millwork services include interior and exterior door units.


Olshan maintains a huge cabinet inventory! Order today and install tomorrow! We customize cabinet tops in our on-premises shop! Shop our price and our selection, then chose Olshan as your favorite vendor!

Doors & Units

Olshan door units are precision built in our mill with state-of-the art equipment! We stock both exterior and interior door units! If we don’t have what you want, we can custom-build it for you! See our selection and check our workmanship today! You’ll like our prices too!

Lumber thru 32′

At Olshan you will find lumber thru 32 feet in length! We say “yes” to your hard to find lumber and building material requests such as fire-retardant wood, hardwood, long lengths, outdoor wood, engineered wood, poles & posts, sidings, timbers, trusses and wood composites! Requests will be promptly handled!

Glu-Lam Beams thru 48′

Olshan is a stocking dealer of engineered wood products! Olshan can provide you with time-saving engineered wood products which resist bowing, twisting and shrinking! Laminated structural lumber power beams are stocked in inventory thru 48 feet in length! You can build better with engineered wood!

Top Priority Service

Service is always top priority at Olshan! Sales counselors don’t just take orders, they take time to handle details! Your delivery will not be dumped! Every bundle will be off-loaded on stacker strips.

Olshan Delivers

Olshan delivers Monday thru Friday within an 80 mile radius of Houston.